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Wander of Shinobi - Free MMORPG Naruto Game. Choose your favourite character from Anime, travel around the Shinobi World, gain experience! Thats my Way of Ninja!
Loading... 14.08.2014 Today we have managed, to change a really great ammount of graphics, and so some character outfits have been changed. We will let you know soon what are those characters. Also we have been improving the environment around in the Game so you could feel changes that we have applied even in the beggining. What is more, we started tests for new Wander of Shinobi updater, and we hope that it will help you while downloading new client. Tomorrow we are going to test few new Areas, and we will try to find some bugs, also we will start fixing the graphics used as Jutsu effects, and some crucial changes are going to happen on which we will let you know here on our site. So check it daily! Also visit our Facebook because you can directly ask there some questions about new version, please just do not ask about server start, because I have been answering this questions too much :P you can always find response to this question on our Facebook page.

08.08.2014 Its been a long time since last news has been added, this break was caused by some issues that we have currently fixed. For this time we have been working on some really cool things and we have managed to finish the Organisation Missions. We have been working and testing new Bonus Jutsu System that hopefully will be done soon and you will be able to experience some really great scripts. What is more, I am really glad to announce that the whole Free Area Map has been changed and upgraded to match Premium Area Map and it means that it has been resized a little bit, and its bigger. Not only has the FACC map been changed also PACC Map received some updates. The only disadvantage of those changes are the tests that we have to do in order to make everything work properly (All the Sagas, Quests , Missions etc.) but dont worry we are on that! I think it will not be a crime :P If I say that you will be able to see some new bosses in the future edition. Moreover, we are adding new Transforms for all the characters, not only on the 400 Level but also for the 500 and even more. So as you see it is really a lot of new things to add that we are facing right now. But we are spending all this time, to make Wander of Shinobi Completely NEW and even more FUN to play.

12.07.2014 Today, New Wander of Shinobi site, has been connected to some of the scripts that we have been working on for some time. New Site will be more accurate, clearer and full of information that we hope will be usefull for all new and present Players. What is more, we will be starting redecorating Wander of Shinobi World, with some extra items, elements to let you feel the climate from Anime.
08.07.2014 It was a long time since the last news, but we are still testing changes and applying new ones.
Right now we are testing Organisation Missions. We are setting up strength of Organisation Missions mobs, scripts for them and changing maps to create Unique areas.
02.07.2014 We started to test new Missions, we will keep you posted.
29.06.2014 Adjusting new Maps and fixing them by testing is still in progress. Our site has been changed to be clearer on mobile devices.
26.06.2014 We have started applying new Map to the Present One, those tests might take some time. We will keep you posted.
25.06.2014 Wander of Shinobi is Currently OFFLINE due to technicall changes and Game Tests for new Version 5.0 Please check this Site for more information!

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